There Are No Barriers To Entry Anymore

Social media has changed the world dramatically in less than a decade. Most significantly it has empowered people and brands in an incredibly human way.  Just look at Instagram. Brands are REALLY listening on Instagram. Here is how I know:  Just this week, when I posted a photo of my delight at Whataburger offering their Fancy Ketchup at my local grocery store, the Whataburger corporate page liked the photo.

Then, today, I got a like on the pic I took yesterday of my new Google ‪#‎Chromecast‬ by the official Google Chromecast Instagram account.

It seems silly to get excited by such a thing but when you think about it…it’s quite significant. We live in a world where anyone can be a brand ambassador. Anyone can have a voice about a product, service, brand, celebrity, political figure—whatever—and your voice can be heard.

Another example of social making us more connected to things that were before unreachable would be my proposal to my wife  over a year ago. A single tweet to the band Foster The People landed me on stage with the band proposing in front of 8,000 people to the love of my life.

The year prior to that, a single YouTube video I posted about my Movember Austin fund raising landed me in a Google Chrome commercial showing how the internet can be used to do good. I’m the guy after Hulk Hogan that says “Allllriiiight!”

Also, earlier this year a single tweet landed me the opportunity to be a Google #GlassExplorer through their #ifihadglass promotion. Now, I have the most advanced piece of technology being worn on my face. A single tweet did this.

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Imagine how you can elevate anything that you’re doing. Hiring people, growing your business, or sharing a common hobby or interest while learning from others geeking out about that same thing. I still feel like a lot of people resist social. Still think its not worth it for them to put themselves out there….but it is. It’s very rewarding and a very HUMAN thing to do.

Have I had a lucky past couple years? Maybe. Would any of this have happened if I didn’t have social media as a tool to reach out and make things happen? No.

The world is at your finger tips now, people. Reach out and grab it. Engage. Make some shit happen. There are no barriers to entry anymore.