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Will Staney is the Director of Recruiting, Strategic Programs at SuccessFactors where he is responsible for driving the success and continued development of their strategic sourcing strategies, social recruiting, recruitment marketing, web strategy, employer branding, social community management, career site development,  candidate experience, internal and external talent programs including onboarding, adoption and development on SuccessFactors’s Recruiting Execution products, as well as keeping up with the latest emerging social, recruiting and HR technologies to ensure SuccessFactors is on the cutting edge.

Before SuccessFactors, he held the position of Talent Acquisition Web Strategy Manager at VMware where he was responsible for building out and implementing the corporate Employment Web Marketing and Social Recruiting Strategy for Silicon Valley’s “Silent Giant”. Over a period of two years will trained an entire global staffing team and implemented social media strategy and adoption throughout the organization that has dramatically changed the way they find top talent and spread awareness of their employer brand online. VMware’s social recruiting adoption and strategy, spearheaded by Will, has been said to be “leading the charge in terms of innovation, transparency and energy…and many companies have unofficially looked to VMware’s social media adoption as the role model for how they would like to invest in the future.” – Joshua Waldman, CareerEnlightenment.com June, 2011

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