Keep Your Resume ‘Easy to Read’ and Your Contact Info ‘Easy to Find’

This weeks #careertip is brought to you by VMware EMEA Sourcing Manager, Joe Hendry in Cork, Ireland:

This is a very short and obvious resume tip for many but it is quite surprising the number of people that don’t actually include contact information on their resume, i.e. basic cell contact number and email address details.

A fully complete “Contact Details” section is arguably the most important part to a resume aside from an individuals actual name that need to be on this document. Including some links to your social profiles on Linkedin, Twitter, etc is also helpful! Recruiters are actively on social media and a lot more available and easy to reach than most would think.

In addition to this, it is recommended that these details are not in small font hidden in a corner on the resume but are in a location that is easy to find. This “easy to find” location may seem obvious but is usually at the top middle section of the first page in slightly larger / bold / highlighted font that distinguishes it from the remainder of the document.

Also a good tip when constructing a resume is to put yourself in the position of a recruiter who needs to look through hundreds of resumes for the role you are applying to. Simple resumes that serve their purpose and sell the individual well in a succinct format work best”

Joe Hendry

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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Resume ‘Easy to Read’ and Your Contact Info ‘Easy to Find’

  1. Great tip Joe! Thanks for contributing to the blog!

  2. Agreed – it’s amazing how many people leave these details out of their Resume. Applicants need to remember that recruiters go through hundreds of resumes for all roles and you are in competition with each and every other applicant. You need to ensure your resume is easy to read and legible. Another serious mistake made by applicants is spelling mistakes on their Resume. Remember your Resume is not just a list of past working experiences but also tells the recruiter a lot of other details too – such as personality, motivation to achieve and also the amount of effort you have made to apply for a specific position. Spelling mistakes are a major no no!!

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