Career Tips from a Corporate Recruiter: Bring your “A” Game from the Get Go!

Every week I ask at random for a career tip from one of our recruiters here at VMware that I can share on our VMware Careers communities on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. This week, Sr. Recruiter Dee Dee Dial wowed me with a tip that I felt would make a GREAT blog. So, please enjoy today’s guest blogger DeeDee Dial in her blogging debut!








We all know that recruiters and hiring managers get bogged down with a flood of resumes during the interview process and often times get a plethora of internal employee referrals as well. This can make it very competitive for your consideration so it is imperative for you to rise to the top of the pile of candidate submittals by bringing your “A” game from the get go.   Here’s how:

Do your homework

Do your homework on the company inside and out BEFORE you apply for a position.  Don’t stop at looking over the company website and product set.   Go way beyond!

1. Check out the leadership team and board members.  Gain understanding of where they come from, their role now and impact in past positions to understand how they impact the company.

2. Check out the partner base and industry segments the company targets and gain understanding of the company’s edge over competitors within.  Look over customer success stories and understand how the company’s solutions and services have impacted them and even their clients (if B2B).

3. If you know someone who works at that company or that is in the company’s customer or partner base, call them!  Ask questions about their experience and get that “insider” tip to perhaps share in the interview process.   If it’s a product company, such as VMware, research the user base (through groups, forums, or professional organizations, etc) where the company employees and leadership are active and gain knowledge of how the company’s contributions  have impact within these affiliations.

The more homework you do on a company, their leadership and impact going in to the initial application process, the better.

Look in the Mirror

Next, think about how your experience (successes and what you may have learned from past failures) will lend to the organization from knowing this information and what is required in the role.   Summarize all of this knowledge and put it in a customized cover letter when you submit your resume.  It will reflect you to be a passionate, pro-active and motivated individual who is truly interested in the company and role for which you are pursuing.

Having done all of this from the get go will make you stand out as an applicant and will also serve you better in later stages of the interview process.

Dee Dee Dial

Sr. Recruiter, VMware


4 thoughts on “Career Tips from a Corporate Recruiter: Bring your “A” Game from the Get Go!

  1. Nice post Dee Dee.

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