Recruiters Change Employee-Hunting Tactics Towards Web 2.0

I saw an article pop up in my feed by the WSJ this morning and I think it sheds some light on a key happening within the staffing and recruiting business. The recruiter’s job is changing. I believe this shift from recruiters being paper pushing resume sifters to expert networkers  and project managers is a needed shift. Companies will start making sure this year that the recruiters they bring on are social savvy and are bringing with them a large network of individuals to help them place their jobs.

The article highlights some pretty staggering statistics in regards to less dependency on 3rd party job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder .

About 24% of companies plan to decrease their usage of third-party employment websites and job boards this year, according to a December survey from the Corporate Executive Board Co., a business consulting firm. Meanwhile, nearly 80% of respondents said they plan to increase their use of job-board alternative methods this year, such as employee referrals and other websites like Facebook Inc. or LinkedIn.

Posting a job to those job boards can definitely increase the amount of applications you recieve…but also the amount of unqualified applications as well. Lot’s of time is wasted by recruiters spending their time sifting through all those applications. The author also gave examples of how large companies are changing the kind of recruiters they are looking for:

The number of applications to some executive openings at Sodexo rose more than 50% to 300 since the downturn started, Ms. Ball says, but the increase brought many unqualified candidates.

“Recruiters had to put in all this extra time to read applications but we didn’t get benefit from it,” she says. Now, the company is hiring different types of recruiters who specialize in headhunting, including finding candidates to poach from competitors, rather than those who are good at processing and filtering applications.

You can find the full article here. Definitely worth a read.

Do you think it is more necessary now for a change in the recruiters role? Are other roles forming? We now need sourcing teams to headhunt, schedulers to schedule the appointments, and recruiters to network and project manage. I don’t think this changes things that much but definitely shows that social media and online networking is becoming a much more important skill when hiring effective recruiters.

I don’t mean recruiters need to just be active with social media. There is a big difference in being active and being effective. Spamming will get you nowhere. Just posting out your job descriptions on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin will not do the job. Recruiters need to be out there building relationships, talking about company culture, unique value propositions and organically growing their online communities of advocates helping them get their message out. In other words, recruiters need to start thinking like employment brand ambassadors and marketers but at the same time be human and add value!

Are you a recruiter? How do you think social media has changed your job? Comment below.


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