Why Video Job Postings?

Why video job postings?

You can tell by the video above this is a much more robust way of marketing a job. Video job descriptions are VERY effective at getting the word out about an open position in a human, engaging, and personal way. Posting a video about a job you are trying to fill can greatly increase awareness and interest in your position to passive and active candidates more than any other medium. Also, through a video you have the ability of showing the real culture of the company and personalities of the people the candidate will be working with.

Think about it from a candidate perspective:

How engaging would it be to actually see and hear from the hiring manager you’d be working  with talking about what they are looking for in an employee for that role, what the culture of the team is like, what their typical day would be like?

That tells you so much more than a text job description on a job board or company website! I really encourage you to take advantage of this! This type of social recruiting is relatively new and you’re going to see a lot more of this in the future. Those who take advantage now will have the edge.

Ask your hiring managers if they would be willing to make a video. They are probably the best person to explain what they are looking for.  However, this isn’t limited to just videos of hiring managers. Sourcers and recruiters can get in front of the camera and talk about the positions they are looking to fill. Sell the job the same way you do to a candidate on the phone. You could have your whole hiring team each talk a little bit about the position, or the team that the applicant is applying to work with. Video job postings are a great way to help get a hot job or hard to fill position some extra marketing!


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